10 People Who Saved Jews During WW2


This website describes the stories of men and women around the world who made tremendous contributions to the survival of Jewish prisoners during the Holocaust.

This website hit home for me because my grandpa was one of those people who contributed to saving many Jews. (He is not listed on the website.) I have an old shoe box of pictures of my grandpa in Poland, Germany, and other countries, which demonstrated his efforts during WW2. Many of these pictures are graphic which can explain why he did not share them with me.  My grandpa had passed away before I had received these pictures. I found them in his attic and I wish I could have heard some of the many stories he could have told.

This website made me realize that people from Italy, China, Britain, Portugal, Bulgaria, Sweden, Hungary and many more countries had taken notice of what had happened to millions of Jews and did not look the other way to what was going on. Also Catholic priests and social workers, men and women had sympathy for the Jewish people.  Some of these people risked their lives, went against their Nazi regime, and took risks to save thousands of Jews.

People all over the world took notice and went above and beyond their call of duty to rescue Jewish people who had suffered, lost everything, and had lost all hope. This is just a list of 10 people, there and thousands more who have gone unnoticed by the public, but not to those Jews that they saved.


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