Wiesel Video

This video shows images from Auschwitz which helps me have a clearer picture of the surroundings while reading books about the concentration camps. I never realized the massive size of Auschwitz until seeing an overhead view of the camp. The pictures in this video give you a small idea of the mass number of people that were herded all over during this time period. Even the lyrics in the video set the tone for the video. Even after reading The World Must Know, and watching other videos about the Holocaust, every new picture I see has an effect on me. You think that you can get used to seeing piles of dead corpses but no one can ever grow immune to feelings that arise when seeing those images. The picture of the two little boy babies with stars stitched to their clothing made me sad. They are innocent children, they have no idea what is going on around them, but still that star has branded their innocence and acknowledged their fate as Jews. Seeing present day pictures of Wiesel tells a story on its own. His face conveys a story of bravery, sadness, death, survival, grief, experience, sorrow, hope, and knowledge.


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