Genocide in the World Today

In recent news and earlier this year Muslim extremists groups are waging a “genocide” against Christians in the Middle East. In the 1980’s, militia groups and suicide bombers had left thousands of Christians dead. In recent news massacres of Christians are taking place for no reason. Innocent people in the Middle Eastern countries are being killed just because they are Christian, and riots have broke out outside of churches. Recent violence in Iraq has become an effect of leaders urging to give Christian communities a larger political role.

Although Jews were not trying to gain political power during the time of the Holocaust, they were killed for the simple fact of being Jewish. Just like how Christians in the Middle East are being killed for being Christian. It is amazing to me that in the 21th century, people in other parts of the world  have sunk so such an inhumane low that they think killing mass numbers of innocent people because of their beliefs is acceptable. Consequences and what is considered acceptable behavior in other cultures vary from one to the next, but you would think that killing another innocent human being would be a taboo in universal culture. I understand that during warfare soldiers are protecting their country from a greater evil that has threatened their country so killing in that sence is easier to accept. 

After the Holocaust has come and gone, countries around the world have learned about it, lived through it, and have gained an understanding of how truly awful and barbaric it was. Nevertheless, countries are still carrying out some of these cruel acts that had been executed by the Nazis not all that long ago. I think that political parties and different religious groups could find many different ways to handle disputes and get their point across without having to settle to the method of killing one another.


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